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Jen, Bourne

1st time passer
Jen says, "I Would like to say a massive thank you Steve he was very patient with me. He is a great instructor and if I found that I did not understand what he was saying he would find different ways of explaining it. You dont realize how good he is until you take your test. Another good thing about him is he tells you how it is, he wont pussy foot around you which I think is good because you dont want to get praised for something which you are doing wrong. Many people have told me when they passed their test they were nervous about going out for the first time by them selves, but the way Steve teaches you is that the nerves are not there because you are confident in yourself that you know what to do. I am confident that he is one of the best instructors around because if he can get me to pass first time then he can get anyone to!!! Defiantly recommend him. Steve was recommended to me by several people, as when I moved to Bourne I did not know any driving instructors. I wanted to find someone that I knew people that had used before so they could tell me if he was good and I never heard one negative word about him unlike other instructors in the area. He is a nice chap and a right laugh." Once again THANKS STEVE :D

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