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Alexa Howard, Bourne

1st time passer
Alexa says, "If you want to learn to drive with knowledge and confidence, Steve is your man. He works you hard and has high standards for a reason, because if you listen and follow his instruction as I learnt to do, you will pass. In fact the test will seem a breeze because you will be empowered with all the skills you will need. When I started to learn to drive I was nervous and lacking in self belief and confidence that I would get through my test, let alone pass first time with only 1 minor. Steves professional and relaxed personality made him very easy to get on with, though rest assured he doesn´t hold any prisoners and it´s that element which I loved about my lessons and meant quick progression. It was an exercise in trust and the intregity and honesty that Steve shows in his work made learning to drive a life changing experience for me and I will forever be thankful to Steve for that. Thank you."

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