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Jack Gandy, Bourne

1st time passer
Jack says,"After completing my university studies, I decided it was finally time to attain my full driving license, after having a provisional license for many years. I had taken one driving test 3 years previous, which I failed, but returning from university, I had discovered my previous instructor had since retired. After researching some instructors in the area, and seeing what a great record Steve had, I decided to take my driving lessons with him, and what a good decision that was! Steve showed me that by applying his methods to control the vehicle, it was possible to drive effectively and safely on the road. Steve also has excellent methods concerning the driving manoeuvres, which are simple and effective if you learn and apply the processes associated to them. On test day, although nervous, we went over everything, from manoeuvres and the rules of the road, to the show me, tell me questions. Once the driving test itself was over, I discovered that I passed with only five minors!! The most important aspect about Steve however is himself: he is a calm, intelligent and reassuring instructor, who is also very sociable, with no lesson ever being dull, boring or quiet, but they were educational, enjoyable and above all, excellent!! I would more than recommend any learners out there to consider having Steve as your instructor, but once again, thank you Steve!!"

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